Monday, January
Where Do I Stand?

When xenophobic attacks broke out across South Africa in 2008, many were shocked by a violence that seemed to be a violation of the principles of their democratic nation. Where Do I Stand? is a window into the lives of seven young people grappling with their actions, including a Rwandan refugee, a girl wrestling with the reality of foreigners in her township, a boy called a coward, a girl whose family sheltered their Malawian gardener. This violence was another challenge to a country still struggling with the legacy of apartheid-poverty, unemployment, racial divisions.
Monday, January
Martin Luther King Day
Monday, January

Records the dance, poetry, theatre and music of South Africa's streets and backyards which provide a street education, an outlet for self-expression, and a celebration of everyday.
Monday, January
Generations of Resistance
Uses archival photographs, newsreel footage, and interviews to chronicle the quest by black South Africans for economic viability and individual freedom. We Jive Like This
Monday, February
Maids and Madams
An older film that remains relevant. In this film both maids (black domestic workers) and madams (the white women who employ them) talk openly about their daily lives, their responsibilities, their attitudes toward racism and their interrelationships. The film also discusses efforts to improve living and working standards for the maids and some of the organizations involved in this work. Pitted against a repressive social system, women are portrayed as the prime movers for change.
Monday, February
In a Time of Violence, Part 1
A story concerning changing values, violent cultural and political clashes and conflict among black families in Johannesburg, South Africa. Episode 1. The line.
Monday, February
Presidents' Day
Monday, February
In a Time of Violence, Part 2
Episode 2. All on edge.
Monday, March
In a Time of Violence, Part 3
Episode 3. Fire with fire.
Monday, March
Testing Hope: Grade 12 in the new South Africa
Chronicles the lives of four young people in 12th grade in Nyanga, Cape Town, as they work toward their crucial Matric exams. Even in the new South Africa, many vestiges of apartheid persist, and the students believe the Matric examination, which all students are required to take, will determine their future. It explores what hangs in the balance if the students pass Matric and what awaits those who do not.
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