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Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources (
An extraordinarily comprehensive guide to electronic sources on Africa. Since this source is so thorough, only a few additional sources that have proved especially useful are listed below. Start here!

Mail and Guardian (
One of South Africa's major newspapers, the Mail and Guardian publishes in print weekly and electronically daily. The site includes a very useful archive and many useful links to other sites.

Daily Maverick (
A daily online newspaper, the Daily Maverick provides a platorm for journalists and commentators who are generally critial, with periodic muck-raking investigations.

African National Congress (
The ANC's site includes a very broad range of information, both from the ANC and other sources. Several search strategies available.

South Africa: Government Information (
Entry site for information on the South African government, departments, institutions, and related organizations.

South Africa: Government Internet Sites (
Entry page for South African government internet sites.

South African History Online (
A rapidly expanding collection of materials on South African history, both older and more recent. Includes brief descriptions of prominent individuals, key events, and important organizations.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (
Extensive documents of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including overview, background, hearings, and submissions. Does not include the full text of final report, which is available on other sites and on the Documents page of this site.

Digital Imaging Project of South Africa (
Electronic access to older South African publications, especially those of the anti-apartheid movement.

Google Cultural Institute Biko:South Africa archive (!home)
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Steve Biko Documentary (
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