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South Africa: Contested Transitions (Winter Quarter, 2017/2018)

The inauguration of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as President on 10 May 1994 marked the end of era, indeed the end of a way of life, for South Africa. Or did it? Most South Africans finally became citizens in their own country. Their new constitution guaranteed the equality of all citizens and promised not only equity but redress for the discrimination and injustice of the past. The imagination, persistence, and resilience that characterized opposition to minority rule could now be turned to reconstruction and development. New leaders, new rules, and a new agenda. Yet much remained the same. Even as the new leaders moved into their offices, laws, administrative rules, common practices, interpersonal expectations, and more all reflected the legacy of discrimination and racism.

No prerequisites. (Sophomore Seminar)

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Course syllabus: Winter 2017/2018 Syllabus (pdf)

Film list: Winter 2017/2018 South Africa Film Series (pdf)


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