The Stronyloides stercoralis worm is endemic in the tropics and temperate regions where moist soil and improper disposal of human waste coexist. However, in North America it can be found as far north as Canada (2).

In the USA , most cases are found in people living in Appalachia or in rural areas of the Southeast (4). The highest US prevalence rate is 4%, in eastern Kentucky and rural Tennessee (10).

Global prevalence of strongyloidiasis is estimated at 100 million cases. Worldwide, Strongyloides is most prevalent in Southeast Asia, the Sahara desert, Colombia, and tropical sections of Brazil. Infection rates in these areas can be as high as 60% (10).

Strongyloidiasis is more frequently found in rural areas, institutional settings, and lower socio-economic environments where contaminated soil is most likely to be found (3).