What is Strongyloidiasis?

Strongyloidiasis is a helminthic (or intestinal) infection of the agent Strongyloides stercoralis, as shown above (1).

The genus Strongyloides is classified in the order Rhabditoidea, most members of which are soil-dwelling, microbiverous nematodes (roundworms). Species of the genus Strongyloides bridge the gap between free-living saprobe and animal parasite. At least 52 valid species of Strongyloides have been described . The most frequent human pathogen is S. stercoralis.

The earliest known case was discovered by Louis Normand, physician to the Naval Hospital in Toulon, France, who found a novel minute worm about 0,25 mm in length in the feces of troops who had been repatriated from Cochin-China (Vietnam) with diarrhea, in July, 1876 (4).