Megan Thomas
Parasites and Pestilence
Human Biology 103
Spring, 2002
D. Scott Smith, instructor

Remind Me Again Why I Don't Like Worms...

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Coenurosis is a rare infection caused by the larval stage of the tapeworm (also refered to as Coenurus Cerebralis) Taenia Multiceps, a Platyhelminth in the class Cestoda. Multiceps, meaning "many headed" for its numerous hooks (see scolices), attacks the central nervous system and the eyes of its hosts, causing a wide range of sympotms determined by the location in which the larvae are deposited in body. While typically not a disease that leads to death in humans, it can cause a number or insidious illnesses. Click on the links below for more information.


Transmission and Life Cycle

Clinical Presentation

Taenia Morphology

Diagnostic Test

Epidemiology and Country Information

Management Therapy

Public Health and Prevention Strategies

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