Recovery of eggs from stool sample:

  1. Collect a fecal sample
  2. fix in 10% formalin
  3. Use formalin-ethyl acetate sedimentation technique to concentrate
  4. Microscopically examine a wetmount preparation for eggs

This procedure can only determine egg presence. Differentiation between the two hookworm species is not necessary for treatment (nor is it possible using this technique).

A stained smear can differentiate the rhabditiform larvae of hookworm and Strongyloides because hookworm larvae have a long buccal capsule between the oral opening and the esophagus and the Strongyloides have a short one.

In order to determine severity of infection, methods such as the Kato-Katz may be utilized.



  • Albendazole: single oral dose of 400 mg (200 mg for children under 2)
  • Mebendazole: 100 mg 2x daily for 3 days (for everyone over 2 years of age) or 500mg once
  • Pyrantel pamoate: single oral dose 11 mg/kg body weight (maximum dose 1g) for 3 days
  • severe infections: ferrous sulfate: 200 mg 3x daily for about 3 months until hemoglobin value returns to normal

    Source: http://www.medletter.com/freedocs/parasitic.pdf