1.3 billion infected worldwide (Markell 16). Primarily in populations which defecate directly onto the soil and do not wear shoes.

Source: http://www.sabin.org/hookworm_intro.htm


  • Ancylostoma duodenale: Europe, Mediterranean, west coast of South America, parts of India and China.
  • Necator americanus: North America, large parts of South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, part of India.
  • Found together in areas in Brazil, part of India, most of China, and throughout southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the islands of the South and the Southwest Pacific, parts of Australia.
  • Within these areas, the parasite is generally confined to locales in the Northern Hemisphere south of the 36th parallel and of the Southern Hemisphere north of the 30th parallel. Endemicity extends to the temperate zones with the appropriate ambient temperature, sufficient rainfall, and loose sandy loam soil (Markell 279-83).