The Urgency of Malaria Control in sub-Saharan Africa

Malaria has taken its toll on many countries, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa. Because P. falciparum is the most lethal for humans, it will be the focus of this website. Given the severity of the disease in sub-Saharan Africa and the paucity of effective control measures, combating malaria in this region is critical.


Another reason why sub-Saharan Africa should be the focus of current malaria control campaigns is because it was widely ignored in campaigns earlier in the century. The poor health infrastructure in Africa warded off efforts to control the disease; experts were unwilling to allocate time, money, and resources to develop Africa and use the tools of development to eradicate malaria. The problem of malaria was also most severe in sub-Saharan Africa; this further contributed to it being ignored in malaria efforts. Instead, earlier campaigns focused on regions where the problem of malaria was less severe and therefore more easily eradicable which often happened to be regions where existing infrastructure helped deliver public health programs to citizens. Funding for malaria eradication in sub-Saharan Africa was “not even a drop in the ocean for the task ahead” [4].  The importance of eradicating malaria where it is most endemic has been realized; recent control efforts have been focused on sub-Saharan Africa.


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