The antiparasitic agent of choice for the treatment of metagonimiasis is praziquantel. The recommended dosage, for both adults and pediatrics, is 75mg/kg/day in three doses for one day. Praziquantel is the same drug used to treat the gastrointestinal cestodes Taenia solium and Diphylobothrium latum. While this drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it is considered experimental for the treatment of metagonimiasis.

An alternative drug is tetrachloroethylene, which is used in the treatment of the echinostomes.

While other available drugs besides praziquantel may be less expensive, they tend to have greater side effects or are still experimental.

Treatment Assessment

The efficacy of treatment is assessed in most instances by:

Assessment of treatment should take place after enough time has passed for the ova to have cleared from the tissues or excreta and after damaged worms that were not killed off have had a chance to recover, but before re-infection has occurred. Low-level residual infections are not uncommon, and patients with such infections can be re-treated if necessary.

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