Directions for the implementation of this test for use in the detection of Clonorchis eggs taken from Markell and Voge's "Medical Parasitology."

A number 00 gelatin capsule containing a 90-cm line for children, or a 140-cm line for adults, composed of a 20-cm silicon rubber-covered thread and a 70-cm or 120-cm soft nylon yarn, is swallowed by the patient while the thread, which protrudes from a hole in the capsule, is held firmly. To the end of the nylon yarn is attached a 1-g weight, which eventually helps carry the string into the duodenum. The free end of the line is taped to the patient's neck or cheek, and after 4 hours may be pulled up. The bile-stained mucus adhering to its distal end is examined under the microscope. The weight becomes disengaged in the intestine at the time the thread is withdrawn.


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