Ryanne Brown, Class of 2007
Stanford University
Parasites & Pestilience:
Infectious Public Health Challenges
Prof. D. Scott Smith


General Information


Metorchias conjunctus

Metorchis conjunctus

Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Trematoda
Subclass: Digenea
Order: Opisthorchiformes
Family: Opisthorchiidae
Genus: Metorchis
Species: conjunctus

Source: Aquatic Animal Pathology and Quarantine Information System



Metorchiasis is caused by the liver fluke Metorchis conjunctus. First reported in 1860 by Cobbold, M conjunctus is best known as a killer of Canadian sled dogs. Human infection is rare, but it has been found to cause acute and possible chronic illness in native communities in Canada. A common-source outbreak occured in 1993: JD MacLean et al. (1996) documented clinical symptomology among 27 people who ate sashimi made from infected white sucker fish.

Source: JD MacLean et al. (1996)