Future Faculty Seminar

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Course Manager

Chris Pohalski

School of Medicine Career Center

Course TA

Alison Fogarty (HSSE)


Priscilla Sugianto (SciEng)


Future Faculty Seminar 2013

The road to future academic success begins with understanding the path.

Course Overview

The Future Faculty Seminar is a weekly seminar for Stanford PhD students, post doctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees from all disciplines who are considering a faculty career. The typical graduate and postdoctoral training provides opportunities for learning about the research aspects of academe, such as: choosing a research problem or developing a particular theory, technique and/or process. Unfortunately, this often leaves little chance to learn about the non-research aspects of the academic sector, including teaching or lab management; this seminar is meant to fill that learning gap. By the end of this course, participants will:

1. recognize more fully the broad spectrum of duties and opportunities presented by faculty positions

2. understand the typical career progression for future faculty from finding and obtaining faculty jobs to negotiating and navigating the first year, and to working toward tenure

3. develop an awareness of the resources and skills that lead to faculty job success

4. obtain answers to pressing field-specific and related faculty job questions through intellectual discussions, and networking opportunities, with representatives of various universities and institutions and fellow course participants.

This course is funded by the Vice Provost for Graduate Education and the Center for Teaching and Learning, and is a coordinated effort of the School of Medicine Career Center and the Career Development Center.