Linguist 130a/230a: Introduction to semantics and pragmatics — Lab

Linguist 130c is the section accompanying Linguist 130a/230a. We will build on the technical tools introduced in the lecture, practice their use, and explore the similarities and differences of what we are doing with logic.

Plan Problem Sets Reading/Reference
14 Set theory, adjectives review Section 1 Problems

Section 1 Solutions
Section 1 Theory
21 Functions and relations Section 2 Problems

Section 2 Solutions
Section 2 Theory
28 More with quantifiers, function application    
Feb 4 Introduction to Gricean pragmatics    
Feb 5 Lambda Tutorial 1   Lambda Tutorial 1
11 Lambda Tutorial 2 Lambda exercises Lambda Tutorial 2
11 Practicing Grice's Maxims Grice's Maxims in Film  
18 Practice with Presuppositions Presupposition exercises Overview of Karttunen 1973
Mar 4