Course Description

This course is a generalization of Math 52 multivariable calculus. We define manifolds and differentiable maps between them. We integrate functions on manifolds and then define differential forms. After defining derivative of differential forms, we prove Stokes Theorem and discuss deRham complex.

For a more detailed syllabus see the schedule of topics.


  • Multi Variable Calculus (Math 51, 52, or equivalent).
  • Linear maps and their matrices and determinants.
  • Some exposure to mathematical reasoning is recommended.


The text for the course is Analysis on Manifolds, by James R. Munkres.
The text is required and is available at the bookstore.
While preparing for the classes I will also look into Calculus on Manifolds by Michael Spivak.


Grades will be based on the following components:
  • Class Participation: 2%
  • Homeworks: 24%
  • Midterm: 30%
  • Final Exam: 44%

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