Math 175: Elementary Functional Analysis

Spring quarter 2014

Instructor: Georg Menz

  • office 382-J
  • gmenz at
  • 650-723-2438
  • office hours: Wed 11:00 am - 2:00 pm or by appointment
  • Course Assistant: Saran Ahuja

  • office 380-M
  • office hours: Tue/Thu 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

    Classes: Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00 am - 10:50 am, from 03/31/2014 to 06/04/2014
    Room: Building 200, Room 203
    Course book: N. Young, "An introduction to Hilbert space" (1988) Chapter 1 & 2
    Additional Material: Student script of the MATH 175 course given by Leon Simon in spring 2011. This is not a substitute to the course book.
    General: Math 175 is designed to give an undergraduate introduction to functional analysis.
    Course content: We will cover most of the first 12 chapters of the text, together with some supplementary material on the Lebesgue integral which will be posted on the class web-page. In one sentence: We will study linear operators on infinite-dimensional spaces.
    Prerequisites: Math 115 or Math 171 or similar. You should be familiar with proofs and be able to prove small statements by themselves.
    Style: Compared to courses of the Math 50 series, the emphasis lies more on a rigorous verification of mathematical statements than just on understanding and applying them.
    Goal: A deep understanding of the material that allows you to solve problems which are at least one level removed from routine and cookbook applications. I am very much looking forward to show you the fascination and beauty of the course.

    Organization of the course

  • The course is using the coursework system. Be sure you have axcess to it.
  • Homeworks will be assigned weekly, they can be downloaded from coursework. The homeworks are collected during the lecture at Fridays, unless otherwise specified. There will be no homework collected in the first and in the last week.
  • There will be a in-class midterm exam. The date of the midterm exam is Mon 05/05/2014. The duration of the midterm exam is 50 minutes.
  • The date and place of the final exam will be announced asap.
  • The final grade will be based on the homework assignments (30%), the midterm (30%) and the final (40%).
  • The lowest homework score will be dropped (more precisely, since problem sets might have different maximal scores, the homework, in which the most points are lost, will be given a full score) .
  • The course will use coursework for entering the grades.
  • Please be sure you are aware of the requirements of the Stanford Honor Code and your responsibilities under the code.

  • The course will follow closely the Syllabus of the course in spring 2014. For the precise syllabus, which is updated on a regular basis, see the coursework site.

    MATH 175 website from spring 2013
    MATH 175 website from spring 2012
    MATH 175 website from spring 2011

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