Math 20, Spring 2019 — Schaeffer
Integral Calculus

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Weekly Schedule

In a typical week you will attend three lectures (Mon./Wed./Fri.). The course staff will also hold regular office hours where you can ask questions (no appointment necessary).
Note: You may attend any of our our office hours (O.H.) as listed below. However, please only attend the lecture in which you are officially enrolled.
Regularly scheduled office hours will begin on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
George Schaeffer Lec. 10:30–11:20 (380-W)
Lec. 11:30–12:20 (380-W)
O.H. 2:50–4:20 (381-G)
Lec. 10:30–11:20 (380-W)
Lec. 11:30–12:20 (380-W)
O.H. 3:50–5:20 (381-G)*
Lec. 10:30–11:20 (380-W)
Lec. 11:30–12:20 (380-W)
Zhengqing Zhou O.H. 3:40–6:10 (381-N)* O.H. 6:00–9:00 (381-N)*
Sophie Libkind O.H. 3:00–7:30 (381-B)*
Mya Havard† ACE Disc. 7:00–9:00 (Huang 203)†
SUMO Peer Tutoring** Tut. 6:00–10:00 (381-T)* Tut. 6:00–10:00 (381-T)*

Office hours in italics are at non-standard times. [n] means that time only applies to week n.
† Mya's discussion section is reserved for students in the ACE program. You must have been accepted into the ACE program for Math 20 in order to attend, starting Week 3.
* Note that in order to enter the first floor of Building 380 after 4:30 PM you may need to use the front entrance (i.e., the one which faces out towards Serra Mall and The Oval).
** SUMO (Stanford Undergrad Math Org) provides peer tutoring (and homework help) for Math 19/20/21, starting in Week 2. These sessions are drop-in, just like office hours, though tutors are not official course staff.

If you cannot make any of these times, you should ask your question on the Piazza site! Additionally, VPTL provides free individual and drop-in tutoring for the Math 19/20/21 sequence (drop-in tutoring is available Sunday–Thursday evenings). See Extra Help below for more details.


Integration Table

If you do not have a copy of the textbook, here's a copy of the integration table. Remember that it's easier to use the table if you replace all the xs in the entries with us.

Midterm 1

Midterm 2

Final Exam

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Lecture Notes

If you're looking for a handout from a lecture that you missed, it should be below.
I will sometimes upload lecture notes throughout the quarter.
WARNINGS: These notes may not be complete/detailed (since they're for my use in class), may differ from actual lecture material, and are NOT a substitute for attending lecture.
However, they should help you if you have an extended absence, fall behind, or think you missed something!

Topic(s) Book Lecture notes Handouts
Lecture 1 (4/01) What is Math 20 about? 5.1 Notes
Lecture 2 (4/03) The definite integral 5.2 Notes
Lecture 3 (4/05) Definite integral rules, Riemann sums 5.2 Notes
Lecture 4 (4/08) Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, basic antiderivatives 5.3, 6.1, 6.2 Notes
Lecture 5 (4/10) Integration of f(Ax+B)—"baby" substitution 6.1, 6.2, 7.1 Notes
Lecture 6 (4/12) Integration by substitution 7.1 Notes Tips for substitution success!
Lecture 7 (4/15) Integration by substitution 7.1 Worksheet
Lecture 8 (4/17) Integration by parts 7.2 Notes
Lecture 9 (4/19) Integration using a table, 2nd FTC 7.3, 6.4 Notes
Lecture 10 (4/22) Review for Midterm 1 5.1–7.3, minus 6.3
Lecture 11 (4/26) Integrals for area 8.1 Notes
Lecture 12 (4/29) Integrals for volume 8.1, 8.2 Notes
Lecture 13 (5/01) Area and volume practice, solids of revolution 8.1, 8.2 Worksheet
Lecture 14 (5/03) Differential equations and 1-dimensional motion 6.3 No notes, read Section 6.3
Lecture 15 (5/06) Separable differential equations 11.4 Notes
Lecture 16 (5/08) Autonomous differential equations, phase diagrams, equilibria 11.5, 11.7 Notes Derivation of the solution to the logistic diffeq
Lecture 17 (5/10) Differential equations practice Worksheet (Problems 1-4 on HW5)
Lecture 18 (5/13) Review week! Worksheet (Problems 5-7 on HW5)
Lecture 19 (5/15) Review week! Worksheet (Problems 8-10 on HW5)
Lecture 20 (5/17) Review week! Worksheet (Problems 11-12 on HW5)
Lecture 21 (5/20) Review for Midterm 2
Lecture 22 (5/24) Parametric equations; 2-dimensional motion 4.8 Notes
Lecture 23 (5/29) Parametric equations; 2-dimensional motion 4.8 Notes
Lecture 24 (5/31) Length of curves 8.2 (Arclength subsection) Notes
Lecture 25 (6/03) Review for final
Lecture 26 (6/03) Review for final

Extra Help

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