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Exam Policy

All exams for Math 51 are closed-book, closed-notes, with no calculators or other electronic aids permitted. Each midterm counts approximately 24% toward your final grade, and the final exam counts approximately 36%. (Your overall exam average is the sum of all points earned on all exams, divided by the total possible points; this average counts 84% toward the final grade. No scaling or curving is applied to individual exam scores.)

If you have a course-related or competition-related schedule conflict with a midterm exam, you must at least two weeks in advance of the exam to make arrangements for an alternate (early) sitting; the same policy holds for OAE accomodations. No other schedule conflicts are accommodated for midterms, and alternate exam times are limited. The date and time of the Final Exam are set by the University; all students must take the exam at this time.

We will have assigned seating for all exams. The seating chart will be posted at the exam room on the evening of the exam; you are responsible for arriving a few minutes early to find your seat before the exam starts. Failure to sit in your assigned seat will be considered a breach of the Honor Code and be handled accordingly.

There is a regrade process after each midterm exam to address possible grading issues on individual problems. Compose a letter clearly explaining why the particular problem merited more points, and turn it into your TA no more than two weeks after the official exam date. (Once submitted, any part of the exam may be regraded.) The submission deadlines are firm, and no exceptions will be made, so please go over your exam, alongside the posted solutions in a timely manner.

Midterm Exam 1

Exam 1 is on Thursday, April 27 (two hours; starts approx. 7:30pm). The exam covers the material on the course syllabus through (and including) the end of Week 3. Solutions

Midterm Exam 2

Exam 2 is on Thursday, May 18 (two hours; starts approx. 7:30pm). The exam covers the material on the course syllabus through (and including) the end of Week 6. Solutions

Final Exam

The Final Exam is on Friday, June 9, from 7-10pm. You must take the exam at this time. The exam is comprehensive, with a heavier emphasis on syllabus material covered since the cutoff for the second midterm.

Previous Exams

The following exams were given in previous incarnations of Math 51. The topics covered in Math 51 change somewhat from year to year -- there may be material on the exam for this quarter which was NOT covered on previous exams. Additionally material covered on a given midterm of a given course may not exactly correlate to the material covered in Math 51 this quarter, so please bear this in mind when working these examples. Also keep in mind that the midterm exams are not of a uniform length, since different courses set different time limits (60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, etc).

When reviewing these exams you should attempt to solve the problems on your own without looking at the included solutions. Working the problems with the solutions at hand will do you no good at all.

First Midterms

Second Midterms

Final Exams

Spring 2017 -- Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
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