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Spring 2017

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Discussion section meetings begin Tuesday, April 4, so please choose your section assignment immediately. Lectures begin Monday, April 3.

Important Enrollment Information: In order to receive credit for written work, all students in Math 51 must register for a discussion section; please follow the steps below. (No discussion registration is necessary for Math 51A (ACE) students; see below for ACE discussion section information.)

  1. On Axess, select your course lecture: number 01, 02, 03, or 04. (All of the lectures use an "active learning" structure, so just choose the lecture that best fits your schedule, subject to availability.)

    Lect# Time (MWF) Room Instructor
    01 12:30p-1:20p 380-380C Dr. George Schaeffer
    02 11:30a-12:20p 380-380C Dr. Mark Lucianovic
    03 10:30a-11:20a 380-380C Dr. Mark Lucianovic
    04 9:30a-10:20a 380-380C Dr. Wojciech Wieczorek

    ACE Lecture (Math 51A-01): If instead you have registered for Math 51A-01, then attend lecture 02 or 03 above (Dr. Mark Lucianovic), and Jesse Madnick's discussion session Tuesday/Thursday 1:30p-3:20p, room 380-380W. (Disregard the choices listed in step 2.)

  2. Before you can finalize your Axess registration, you must also select a discussion section from the choices below. If there is no more room, you must choose another section. You cannot receive credit for written work unless you register for a discussion section.

    Disc# Time (TTh) Room TA
    05 9:30a-10:20a Herrin T185 Alex Zhai
    06 9:30a-10:20a McCullough 122 Donghai Pan
    07 10:30a-11:20a McCullough 122 Donghai Pan
    08 10:30a-11:20a Herrin T185 Alex Zhai
    09 10:30a-11:20a McCullough 126 Adva Wolf
    10 11:30a-12:20p McCullough 122 Scott Zhang
    11 11:30a-12:20p Herrin T185 Shotaro (Macky) Makisumi
    12 12:30p-1:20p McCullough 126 (new!) Adva Wolf
    13 12:30p-1:20p Herrin T185 (new!) Shotaro (Macky) Makisumi
    14 12:30p-1:20p McCullough 122 (new!) Scott Zhang

Spring 2017 -- Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
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