1. Preface

The goal of this Fortran 90 tutorial is to give a quick introduction to the key differences between Fortran 77 and Fortran 90. It is not a complete reference! Many details have been omitted. This tutorial is based on the book "FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists with an Introduction to Fortran 90" by L. Nyhoff and S. Leestma published by Prentice Hall.

This tutorial was designed by Sarah T. Whitlock to be used in the course SCCM-001-F: Introduction to Fortran taught at Stanford University, Winter quarter 1997. It has been modified by Paul H. Hargrove for use in the Fortran class taught Winter quarter 1998, under the course number ME-390. Permission to use this tutorial for educational and other non-commercial purposes is granted provided all author and copyright information is retained.

Paul H. Hargrove, Stanford, December 1997.
Sarah T. Whitlock, Stanford, January 1997.

Copyright 1996-7 by Stanford University. All rights reserved.