11. Many, many more features of Fortran 90

There are several very important features of Fortran 90 that we are unable to cover due to time constraints. Fortran 90 is a powerful language worthy of far more than the 3 measly hours we have spent on it in class.

I hope that you will continue to investigate the capabilities of this language. As a place to start, here a couple of Fortran 90 books I have found useful:

Fortran 90 for Engineers and scientists, by L. R. Nyhoff and S. C. Leestma, Prentice Hall, 1997.
This is a fairly complete reference with lots of useful examples.
Fortran 90/95 explained, M. Metcalf, and J. Reid, Oxford, 1996.
This is a fairly inexpensive book that gives a reasonable coverage of Fortran 90 and a good introduction to Fortran 95.

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