The Future of the Automobile
- Autumn 2014/2015 -

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Trends and Challenges in Personal Mobility

The objective of this course is to develop an understanding for the requirements that go into the design of a highly complex yet easy-to-use product, i.e. the automobile. Students will learn about very different interdisciplinary aspects that characterize the automobile and personal mobility. This is the first part of a 3-quarter seminar series, which build on one another but can be taken independently.

This quarter, the seminar will discuss general aspects of the automobile and personal mobility. In the first two sessions, students will learn about different aspects of the automobile and understand key characteristics and conflicts. Primary trends such as electrification, automation, communication, and commoditization will be discussed. Then throughout the main part of the quarter, guest speakers from academia and industry will share their vision regarding the future of the automobile and how design challenges are addressed within their respective organizations.

At the end of the quarter, students will have developed a broader understanding of the intertwined technology - environmental - human - business - legal aspects that will shape the future of the automobile.

Sven Beiker
Tuesdays, 2:15 - 3:30PM
McCullough, Room 115 (map)
Advanced undergrad or beginning grads
1 unit, S/NC, based on individual input to the course, 70% attendance minimum
For satisfactory, students needs to submit paper or presentation to be used in the seminar (see below).
"Different Views Regarding the Future of Personal Mobility"
Due: Nov 21, 12pm | individual paper or group presentation
download assignment here
Schedule (prelim.)
Sep 23 Future of Personal Mobility - Where are we going from here? (Beiker)
Sep 30 The Automotive Industry - Where do the cars come from? (Beiker)
Oct 7 Preparation for Guest Lectures 1 & 2 (Beiker)
Oct 14 Guest Lecture 1: Future Mobility Trends (I. Ollivier, Nissan)
Oct 21 Guest Lecture 2: Applications and Challenges for In-Vehicle Augmented Reality
Further details and videos:
(A. Klotz, Continental)
Oct 28 Debrief of Guest Lectures 1 & 2, Preparation for Guest Lecture 3 (Beiker)
Nov 4 Guest Lecture 3: The Digital Driving Experience - The 4th screen in your life
(Thorsten Hayer, Tesla Motors)
Nov 11 Debrief of Guest Lecture 3, Preparation for Guest Lecture 4 (Beiker)
Nov 18 Guest Lecture 4: The Corvette - The ultimate American sports car (GM)
Dec 2 Debrief of Guest Lecture 4, Summary of Class (Beiker)
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Office Hrs
After class and upon request
Sven Beiker, Bldg 550 / Rm 131,, 736-1504