The Future of the Automobile - Winter 2014/2015

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Driver Assistance and Automated Driving

This quarter, the seminar will specifically focus on "Driver Assistance and Automated Driving", which spans a bandwidth of solutions that help drivers to maneuver their vehicles through traffic. The respective vehicle systems range from navigation, adaptive cruise control, night vision, and lane departure warning to automated parking, traffic jam assistance, and eventually self-driving cars. With this breadth of applications, advanced driver assistance systems play an important role in making traffic safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

This course, lectured by an industry expert, will introduce students to the technology behind the systems, the benefits, challenges, and future perspectives of this exciting field. At the end of the quarter, students will have developed a technical understanding as well as an understanding for the interactions of the technology, business, and society with a specific automotive focus.


Jan Becker
Mondays, 2:15 - 3:30PM
Y2E2 (map)
Advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students
1 unit, S/NC, based on individual input to the course, 5-sessions attendance minimum (8 sessions total).
For satisfactory, students needs to participate in a group project and present their findings in class. (see assignment below).

Details to be announced

Jan 5 1. Introduction to Driver Assistance: Overview, Motivation and Categorization, Introduction of Assignment
Jan 12 2. Vehicle Dynamics Control
Jan 19 MLK day, no class
Jan 26 3. Driver Assistance Technology
Feb 2 4. Automated Driving Applications
Feb 9 5. Automated Driving Technology
Feb 16 President’s day: no lecture
Feb 23 6. Non-Technical Topics: Innovation, Business, Legal, Ethics
Mar 2 7. Presentation of group work “Future Mobility Solutions” (I)
Mar 9 8. Presentation of group work “Future Mobility Solutions” (II)

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Office Hrs
After class and upon request
Jan Becker,