The Future of the Automobile - Spring 2013/2014

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Vehicle Communication Systems

This quarter, the seminar will specifically focus on "Vehicle Communication Systems", which connect vehicles to the outside world and with one another. Respective concepts include online media and services in the vehicle, vehicles communicating with a centralized traffic management infrastructure, and vehicles communicating among themselves to avoid collisions and improve traffic flow.

This class consists in the first half of lectures by an industry expert and in the second half of group work when students will develop scenarios for vehicle communication systems. The goal of the course is to develop a technical understanding as well as an understanding for the interactions of technology, business, and society with a specific automotive focus and assess technology in a larger context.


Luca Delgrossi
Sven Beiker
Tuesdays, 2:15 - 3:30PM
Building 60 / Room 120 (map)
Advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students

1 unit, S/NC, based on attendance in class and participation in group project:
>> 5-sessions attendance minimum (7 sessions total)
>> group project: 5-page narrative and 15min presentation answering class assignment


Students team up in groups and draft a plan for vehicles communication that includes the following (see details here):
1. Different use-cases around the automobile that would benefit from connectivity
=> applications for vehicle communication
2. Matching of applications with communication standards and discussion of specs / limitations
=> applications / standard matrix
3. Rollout scenarios for vehicle communication with different standards
=> timeline for applications / standards

The assignment is due Friday, May 23, 10am.

Apr 1 Introduction to Vehicle Communication Systems (Delgrossi)
Apr 8 Vehicle Architecture, Data, Applications (Delgrossi)
Apr 22 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (Delgrossi)
Application Example for Trucks: Peloton (Stanek)
May 6 Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication (Delgrossi)
May 13 Research Projects in Vehicular Communication (Seo)
May 27 Emergency Vehicles: Improving Response Time and Efficiency
(Comolli, Finley, Holloway, Ive, Kingman)
paper | presentation

Fill Up - Good Food and Cheap Gas

(Moy, Schneider, Scrimshaw, Wolkoff)
paper | presentation

The Future of the Road Trip
(Chen, Giliver, Goodyear, Lee)
paper | presentation
Jun 3 Improved Driver Notification Systems: Applications of V2V and V2I Technologies to Increase Vehicle Safety
(Dembo, Freeman, Garcia-Doty, Griep)
paper | presentation

V2non-V Communication: reduce the likelihood of automotive & bicycle accidents
(Guymon, Starr, Tyagi, Wood)
paper | presentation

Car-Sharing Service using Autonomous Automobiles

(Baydere, Erondu, Espinel, Jain, Madden)
paper | presentation

Vehicle Communication Systems
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Office Hrs
After class and upon request
Sven Beiker, Bldg 550 / Rm 131,, 736-1504