The Future of the Automobile - Spring 2009/2010


Spring 2010 Topic: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems help drivers to maneuver their vehicles through traffic. Those systems can be as diverse as navigation, adaptive cruise control, night vision, lane departure warning, park assist, and many more. With this breadth of applications, advanced driver assistance systems play an important role in making traffic safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.


This course, which is lectured by an industry expert in the field, will introduce students to technologies, benefits, challenges, and future perspectives of this exciting field. The goal of the course is to develop an understanding for the interactions of technology, business, and society with a specific automotive focus and assess technology in a larger context than someone’s primary educational background. Students should have a basic background in engineering, social sciences, business, or law. This background should provide the students with the ability to discuss automotive topics and put them in an interdisciplinary context. It is essential to understand that an automobile, beyond technology, influences and is being influenced by a variety of culture, society, legal, and business aspects.

Instructors:     Dr. Jan Becker, Principal Engineer, Bosch Research and Technology Cente
                           Dr. Sven Beiker, Exec. Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford
                           Prof. C. Gerdes (ME), Prof. S. Thrun (CS), Prof. C. Nass (COMM)
Time:                Tue, 12:15-1:05PM
Location:         Building 200 / Room 205 (Main Quad, History Corner - see location)
Format:            Seminar series; lectures from research experts in academia and industry
Level:               Advanced undergrads or beginning grads
Grading:          1 unit, S/NC (based on indiv. course attendance, at least 70% required)
Schedule:       3/30 Introduction: Motivation and Categorization

                          4/06 Driver Assistance: Vehicle Stability Systems
                          4/13 Perception: Radar and Lidar
                          4/20 Perception: Computer Vision (guest lecture Soeren Kammel)
                          4/27 Longitudinal Vehicle Control (guest lecture Soeren Kammel)
                          5/04 Lateral Vehicle Control + Planning* (guest lecture Soeren Kammel)
                          5/11 Other Systems, e.g. ultrasonic-based systems, safety, restraint sys.
                          5/18 Strategy & Business Considerations for Automotive Innovation
                          5/25 Outlook: Future Systems
                          6/01 Driving Demo
(no presentation available)

Office Hours: After class and upon request

Contact:          Sven Beiker,


* Note: Please contact Sven Beiker ( for password to access presentations