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ME/CS 571: Surgical Robotics Seminar


This is a seminar course designed to expose students from engineering, medicine, and business to engineering and clinical aspects connected to the design and application of surgical robots, varying in degree of complexity and procedural role. Guest speakers are from academia and industry. The course may be repeated for credit. (If you are interested in a "complete" class on medical robotics, see ME 328: Medical Robotics.) This seminar series is held for one quarter approximately every other year.

In Winter 2019, the seminars are held each Friday from 9:30-10:20 am [EXCEPT for an 8:30 am seminar on Jan. 25] in Bldg. 320, Room 105.

Important note to students taking this class for credit: To pass this class, you must attend 7 out of the 9 seminars. Attendance will be taken at each seminar meeting. Plan in advance -- no makeups are allowed. Take this class for credit only if you are certain that you will be able to attend at least 7 seminars. Otherwise, you can simply attend without receiving credit.

The seminar organizers are: Federico Barbagli, a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Intuitive Surgical Inc., and former Chief Technology Officer at Hansen Medical, and Allison Okamura, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.

All seminars are open to the public. We thank the Stanford Computer Forum for their generous support of this seminar series.

Seminar Schedule

Click on the speaker's name to see his or her abstract and biosketch.
1/11Seminar 1: Jonathan Sorger (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.)
1/18Seminar 2: Catherine Mohr (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.)
1/25Seminar 3: Sherry Wren (Stanford School of Medicine) [EARLY SEMINAR at 8:30 am this day!]
2/1Seminar 4: Ann Majewicz Fey (University of Texas at Dallas)
2/8Seminar 5: Mike Yip (University of California at San Diego)
2/15Seminar 6: Tania Morimoto (University of California at San Diego)
2/22Seminar 7: Jake Abbott (University of Utah)
3/1Seminar 8: Tim Kowalewski (University of Minnesota)
3/8Seminar 9: David Noonan and Chauncey Graetzel (Auris Health)
3/15No Seminar