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ME/CS 571: Surgical Robotics Seminar
ME 328: Medical Robotics

Prof. Shane Farritor

Friday, October 14
9:30-10:20 am
Bldg. 530, Room 127

This seminar is open to the public. Students in ME 328 and CS/ME 571 are required to attend.

Seminar Topic: New Approaches to Robotic General Surgery

This talk will describe a different approach to robotic general surgery that involves small robots inside the body rather than large robots that reach into the body from the outside. Small robots can have advantages that include easy set-up and repositioning allowing for multi-quadrant access as well as practical advantages such as low-capital expense, portability, and a smaller footprint. The talk will summarize over a decade of work in this field including the testing of 40-50 prototypes and approximately 80 animal and cadaver studies. The talk will also describe the commercialization efforts through a startup company, Virtual Incision, that performed a successful first-in-human use of its miniaturized robot-assisted surgical device last January.

Speaker Bio

Shane Farritor is a Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research interests include space robotics, surgical robotics, and biomedical sensors. He received his B.S. from UNL and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Farritor has also co-founded two startup companies, Virtual Incision and MRail, based on his research at UNL. Virtual Incision is developing small surgical robots that are inserted into the body for surgery. MRail is commercializing a sensory system to measure the vertical deflection of railroad track from a moving train car. Farritor is also the executive director of Nebraska Innovation Studio, a makerspace he founded at UNL. His wife is a physician and they have four children.