This course arms biomedical graduate students with the personal and professional development skills critical to success in academia, business, and government.  As science becomes increasingly diverse and graduating students enter a wider range of careers upon graduation, it is critical that students develop the ability to effectively interact with those inside and outside of their specialty.  In order to establish themselves as experts and leaders graduation from Stanford, students need to be able to communicate and negotiate with the community as a whole.

This course brings together experts from around the university to teach interpersonal skills through:

    - Lectures and hands-on learning and practice

    - Skills and information most relevant for and tailored to biomedical students

    - Accessible and relevant skills to supplement scientific training

Topics covered (see the schedule for more details):

    - Leadership

    - Negotiation

    - Conflict Resolution

    - Communication

    - Team Dynamics

Professional & Leadership Development is a very participative and interactive course.  It will be presented in a workshop format.  Students taking this course are expected to participate actively in each class and attend all the lectures.  Simultaneously, to fit in with graduate students’ already full schedules, this course will have some but not a lot of work outside of class.

In order to have a student group that is representative of many different areas of study, backgrounds, and interests, anyone who is interested in taking this course must fill out the short pre-qualification application.  See the Application tab for more details.

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