Student Comments from the 2008 and 2009 Courses

“Thanks for providing this great resource, and for letting me into the class!”


“I would recommend this course to first or second year grad students, because a lot of the personal interaction sections would have been helpful for me when I was looking to join a lab and also in the initial phases of negotiating projects with [my advisor]. I wish I took it earlier. ”


“Great course. Honestly, professors should be able to take this.”


“I'm very happy that you created this course - it was extremely useful and interesting, and I would highly recommend it - to all grad students - in the future.”


“Thanks for exposing me to some very new topics.  I think this has changed the way I interact with others in a positive way.”


“Thanks for putting this together!  It makes me want to go take other courses around the university now to work on some of these things further.”


“Overall it was a very useful and valuable class that I think all PhD students should take!”


“This was a great course.  It showed me that important parts of Leadership are skills, like negotiation, conflict mediation and communication that can be learned.  Importantly, in the course we worked on these skills in a meaningful way, without being a time drain on my busy research schedule.”

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