Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

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About Videos

Below are short supplementary videos that either cover a single concepet related to mathematical programming or work through a specific example. The videos are seperated into sections for convience and the sections are as follows:

Introduction: What is Mathematical Programming


Math Basics

The videos below are intended as refreshers and do not need to be watched unless you have forgotten them. Hopefully, you have seen all of these concepts before, but if not, do not worry, they are easy to pick up. The videos and a quick glance at wikipedia should be more than enough. Have fun learning!

What is a Vector Matrix Vector Multiplication Matrix Matrix Multiplication

MP Concepts: Gradient & Hessian

MP Fundamentals

Standard Form MP Jargon: Points MP Jargon: Directions


Coming Soon

Simplex Method

Introduction to Simplex Simplex Production Example

Simplex Tool

This tool can help you work through small LP problems an iteration at a time. Feel free to play around with it.

... Applet controls here... if you had Java.

If you do not see buttons above, you may have an outdated version of the Java Virtual Machine. Please download the newest version of Java's plugin from here.
The tool was created by the Argonne National Labortory and Northwestern University

Transportation Simplex Method

Comin Soon

Transportation Simplex Tool

This is an awesome educational tool for implementing every step of a transportation simplex example. The tool requires you to understand the process and input the data for each part of the method. It will also inform you if you are entering incorrect data and ask you to re-enter correct data. Experiment with it and learn!

The tool was created by the University of Melbourne for educational purposes.

Nonlinear Programming

Coming Soon