Date Notes Topics Additional References
01/05/16 pdf tex Basic Graph Theory Concepts, Trees, Cayley's Theorem Graph Theory slides
01/12/16 pdf tex Eulerian Circuits and DNA sequencing [LPV] Chapters 1 to 5, DNA Arrays
01/14/16 pdf tex Minimum Spanning Trees
01/19/16 pdf tex Network Flows and Max-flow min-cut [BVR] chapter 5, Max-Flow
01/21/16 pdf tex Variations of Network Flow Algorithms
01/26/16 pdf tex Applications of Network Flows I Max-Flow/Min-Cut Applications
01/30/16 pdf tex Applications of Network Flows II, Global Min cut
02/02/16 pdf Linear Programming (a quick review) [BVR] chapter 3, chapter 4
02/04/16 pdf tex Min-Cost Flow
02/9/16 pdf tex Marriage, Stability, and Honesty
02/16/16 pdf tex Intractibility
02/18/16 pdf tex Approximation Algorithms: Vertex Cover, Job Scheduling
02/23/16 pdf tex Approximation Algorithms II: Minimum Vertex Cover, Job Scheduling Revisited
02/25/16 pdf tex Approximation Algorithms III: Maximum Satisfiability
03/8/16 pdf TSP Problems
03/10/16 pdf Course Review and Beyond*