Winter 2013-2014

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  • The 311 midterm exam time is in the weekend of February 14-18. It is a two day (48 hours) take-home exam with total 4 problems similar, in style and difficulty, to problems in HW1 and HW2. You may select any day 5pm to start during that period, and finish in two days. The latest finish time is 5pm Tuesday February 18. Please note that there is no lecture Monday February 17.

    I'll send you a sample midterm exam this Friday, and give a midterm review lecture Wednesday 12. The CA would go through the sample midterm exam solution Friday February 14.

    I'll hold an extended office hour Wednesday 12 11-4pm for your exam preparation; and an office hour Tuesday 18 2-5pm to answer you possible question in the exam. (I'd be out of town 13-17.)

  • We have classes on the following Fridays:
    Jan. 10 (make-up class)
    Jan. 17 (make-up class)
    Jan. 24 (homework 1)
    Feb. 7 (homework 2)
    Feb. 14 (sample midterm exam)
    Feb. 21 (make-up class)
    Feb. 28 (homework 3)
    March 7 (homework 4)
    March 14 (sample final exam)
    No class Feb. 17

  • Welcome to MS&E 311, 2014!
    Check Course Information for the description of the course, and General Information of the logistics of the course.
    Highlights of this year's applications are Conic Linear Optimization, Online Optimization and Auction, Information Aggregation, Economic Equilibrium, Financial Decision and Risk Management, Sparse and Low-Rank Solution Recovering and Grpah Realization, which you would learn during the process of the course.

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