MS&E 318/CME 338: Large-Scale Numerical Optimization

hw0.tex: Header file used by all homework .tex files
macros.tex: Macros used by some of the homework files.

  • Homework 1: Due Fri April 10
    hw1.tex: LaTeX file for hw1
    hw1.pdf: Questions

  • Homework 2: Due Fri April 24
    hw2.tex: LaTeX file for hw2
    hw2.pdf: Questions
    Si2.html: Download UF sparse matrix PARSEC/Si2 in Matlab format
    CGtest6.m: Matlab script for comparing pcg, minres, symmlq, lsqr

  • Homework 3: Due Fri May 8
    hw3.pdf: Questions
    hw3.tex: LaTeX file for hw3

  • Homework 4: Due Fri May 22
    hw4.pdf: Questions
    hw4.tex: LaTeX file for hw4

  • Project: Due Thu Jun 18 (or later if you don't mind late grade)
    projects.pdf: Suggested projects
    projects.tex: LaTeX file for Suggested projects