Stanford University
POLISCI 353: Workshop in Statistical Modeling
Jonathan Wand, Simon Jackman, and Doug Rivers

Spring 2006 Calendar

Meeting times and location

The workshop will meet this quarter as noted below. Meetings occur on Thursdays 4:15-6pm and take place in Room 400 (the Graham Stuart Lounge) on the 4th floor of Encina Hall West.

Description of weeks

April 6: Howard Rosenthal, NYU/Russell Sage
Dimensions of Law
April 20 (I): Robert Anderson and Alex Tahk (Stanford)
Structure and Equilibrium in the United States Supreme Court
April 20 (II): Laurel Harbridge (Stanford)
Polarization and Congressional Policy: Gridlock or Extremism?
May 4: Jed Stiglitz (Stanford)
States of the Union
May 18: Rui de Figueiredo (Haas/Political Science, UC Berkeley)
Does Private Money Buy Public Policy? Campaign Contributions and Regulatory Outcomes in Telecommunications (PDF version) (MS Doc version)

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