Stanford University
PSYCH 203: Foundations of Vision
Spring 2003

The course is a seminar and an overview of visual neuroscience. The syllabus and readings are chosen for Graduate students (Neuroscience, Psychology, Engineering) who would like to

  • further their understanding of the visual pathways and theories of the relationship between these pathways and visual perception
  • read and discuss recent exciting work from the literature

Please note: The first day of class will be Thursday, April 3rd

The first few classes will be background lectures and review by the instructor. As the course proceeds, students will take responsibility for reviewing and presenting material, including research material from the recent literature.

Specific topics covered include: Image formation by the eye, retinal sampling and wavelength encoding, neural encoding within the retina and cortex; performance measures including spatial contrast sensitivity, localization, color appearance, multiresolution representations of image data; motion and depth perception.

The course textbook will be Foundations of Vision . There will be additional readings and class discussion of new results from the literature. See the 'Course Materials' section for example readings.

Undergraduates who have taken Psych 30 may enroll after obtaining the permission of the instructor.

Students interested in applications of vision science to technology should take Applied Vision and Imaging Systems , which is a part of the Image Systems Engineering Program.

Meeting Time & Place
Tue Thu 3:15PM - 4:30PM - 260-008

Course Syllabus

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