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SUnet IDs

All SCPD students are given a Stanford SUnet ID, a string of letters and numbers which is the handle of your email @stanford.edu. You will need this ID and your password to:

If you don't know what your ID is, please consult SCPD.


SCPD students must submit their homework online through Scoryst (see the syllabus). Please, do not use the SCPD submission system for homework.


SCPD students may take the exams remotely with a proctor. Local students are allowed to take the exam at Stanford. Please consult SCPD directly for more information on how to choose a proctor, where to send exam solutions, etc. You will have a window of 24 hours after the exam time at Stanford to complete and return the exam. Instructions (resources allowed, time limit) will be provided within each exam and also in advance through the website and/or mailing list.

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