STATS205: Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics

Administrative information
Instructor: Tengyu Ma
Course assistants: See Google Calendar for office hours. Please always check the Google calendar before going to an office hour, because the office hours may change. (Although often we won't change within one or two days.)
Contact: Please use Piazza for questions and discussions.
Course content
Description: nonparametric regression and nonparametric density estimation, nearest neighbor algorithms, modern nonparametric techniques, nonparametric confidence interval estimates, estimating CDFs, wavelet, connection to overparameterized neural networks.
Late policy: No late days are allowed for scribe notes. Each student will have a total of three free late (calendar) days to use for your submissions including the homeworks and projects, excluding scribe notes. Each 24 hours or part thereof that a homework is late uses up one full late day. Once these late days are exhausted, any assignments turned in late will be penalized 33.4% per late day. Late work done in pairs with x late days will require x late days from each of the contributors. Under extentuating circumstances, you may request an extension by contacting the course staff. Please note that, to ensure fairness, these circumstances do not include events that are somewhat predictable, such as job interviews or conference deadlines.
Collaboration policy: Please follow the honor code.
Schedule (subject to change)
Week 1
  • Fri 09/27: Lecture 1:
Week 2
  • Mon 09/30: Homework 1 out
  • Fri 10/04: Lecture 2
Week 3
  • Wed 10/09: Homework 1 due
  • Thu 10/10: Homework 2 out
  • Fri 10/11: Lecture 3
Week 4
  • Fri 10/18: Lecture 4: Guest lecture
Week 5
  • Wed 10/23: Homework 2 due
  • Thu 10/24: Homework 3 out
  • Fri 10/25: Lecture 5:
Week 6
  • Wed 10/30: Project proposal due (extend to Nov 1st, Friday)
  • Fri 11/01: Lecture 6:
Week 7
  • Wed 11/06: Homework 3 due
  • Thu 11/07: Homework 4 out
  • Fri 11/08: Lecture 7
Week 8
  • Fri 11/15: Lecture 8,
Week 9
  • Wed 11/20: Homework 4 due
  • Fri 11/22: Lecture 9
Week 10
  • Fri 12/06: Lecture 10
Final's week
  • Thur 12/12: Final project due
Additional References