Gallery for Feb. 1 on the business of computer games

Softline 2 (March 1983). Cropped image from front cover depicting computers at play.

A screen shot from Pong.

A screen shot from Pitfall (Atari).

Screen shots from several early tank simulations by The Avalon-Hill Game Company, including Tanktics (1981), Dnieper River Line (1981), and TAC-Tactical Armor Command (1983)

The box cover of M.U.L.E. (Electronic Arts, 1983) and an image of game-play on the Commodore 64.

"The Nintendo 64 System Design," image from Satya Simha, "Super Mario Chip," Byte (Dec. 1996). Source:

A Doom II screen shot.

Simulation humor.

A screen shot from Wings Simulations' Panzer Elite (1999)

Screen shot from Everquest, showing the user interface.