AAAS Course List

AAAS Majors must select 20 units from AAAS Core courses. Core courses include those focused primarily on Africa, African America, or the African Diaspora. Core and Related courses together help build a coherent emphasis.

The core for AAAS Majors consists of 20 units that can be selected from the following courses. One course must have a central focus on Africa; additional core courses also will help define and build a coherent empahsis.

AFRICAST 112/212. Literacy and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa (3-5)

AFRICAST 111/211. Education for All? The Global and the Local in Public Policy Making in Africa (3-5)

AFRICAAM 101. African and African American Lecture Series (1-3 units)

AFRICAAM 105. Intro to African and African American Studies (WIM) (5)

AFRICAAM 123. Great Works of the African American Tradition (5)
ENGLISH 172G. Great Works of the African American Tradition (5)

AFRICAAM 152/ENGLISH 152D/PHIL 194 L. W.E.B. Du Bois as Writer and Philosopher (5)

ARTHIST 292. African Art and Museum Display

CSRE 145A. Poetics and Politics of Caribbean Women's Literature

CSRE 196C Introduction to Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (5)

DRAMA 219. Contemporary African American Drama

EDUCATION 216X. Education, Race, adn Inequality in African American History, 1880-1990

ENGLISH 143. Introduction to African American Literature (5)

ENGLISH 152 Introduction to Caribbean Literature (5)

ENGLISH 187H Lady Sings the Blues: Blues, Literature, and Black Feminism

ENGLISH 187T “Funny Negro:” Literature and Culture of the Black Comic Absurd

ENGLISH 260 Frederick Douglass

ENGLISH 362B Black to the Future: The End(s) of African American Literary Theory

FRENLIT 133. Literature and Society: Introduction to Francophone Literature from Africa and the Caribbean (4)

HISTORY 48N. African History through Literature and Film

HISTORY 48Q. South Africa: Contested Transitions

HISTORY 54N. African American Women’s Lives

HISTORY 145B. Africa in the 20th Century (5)

HISTORY 147. History of South Africa

HISTORY 148C Africa in the 20th Century

HISTORY 151A Slavery and Freedom in American History

HISTORY 166. Introduction to African American History: The Modern African American Freedom Struggle (4-5)

HISTORY From Freedom to Freedom Now: African American History, 1865-1965

HISTORY 247/447A Intellectual adn Cultural History of Africa

HISTORY 248/348. Islam in Africa

HISTORY 245G. Law and Colonialism in Africa

HISTORY 248S. African Societies and Colonial States

HISTORY 255D. Racial Identity in the American Imagination

LINGUIST 65. African American Vernacular English (3-5)

MUSIC 147. Soul Tradition in African American Music

POLISCI 225R. Black Politics in the Post-Civil Rights Era (5)

RELIGST 60. Nation, Diaspora & the Gods of African America

RELIGST 105 Race, Faith, and Migration

The following course is also required for AAAS majors:

AFRICAAM 200X. AAAS Senior Seminar (WIM) (5)


AFRICAAM 12. Presidential Politics: Race, Class, Faith & Gender in the 2008 Election

AFRICAAM 40. The Muse, Musings, and Music

AFRICAAM 75. Black Cinema

AFRICAAM 75B. Black Sitcoms

AFRICAAM 101. African and African American Lecture Series: Race and Faith

AFRICAAM 105. Introduction to African and African American Studies

AFRICAAM 123/ENGLISH 172G. Great Works of the African American Tradition

AFRICAAM 144. African Women Writers

AFRICAAM 145. Writing Race, Writing Faith: An Exploration of the Poetics and Politics of Spirituality in Black Literature

Related courses significantly complement core courses, helping students build a coherent emphasis.

AMELANG 100A,B,C. Beginning Amharic

AMELANG 102A,B,C. Advanced Amharic

AMELANG 106A,B,C. Beginning Swahili

AMELANG 107A,B,C. Intermediate Swahili

AMELANG 108A,B,C. Advanced Swahili

AMELANG 133A,B,C. The African Forum

AMSTUD 105. From Blues to Rap: Representing Music in African American Literature

ARTHIST 160A/360A. Twentieth-Century African American Art

ARTHIST 192/392. Introduction to African Art

ARTHIST 234A. Harlem Renaissance

ARTHIST 256A. Critical Race Art History

CASA 36. Life on the Streets: Anthropology of United States Urban Life

CASA 72. Dance and Culture in Latin America

CASA 88. Theories of Race and Ethnicity

CASA 119. The State in Africa

CHICANST 180E. Introduction to Chicana/o Life and Culture

CLASSICS 130 Homer to Hip Hop

COMM 148. Hip-Hop and Don't Stop: Introduction to Modern Speech Communities

COMM 246. Language and Discourse: Race, Class, and Gender

COMPLIT 41Q. Ethnicity and Literature

COMPLIT 147. Comparative Approaches to African American and Asian American Literature

COMPLIT 148. Introduction to Asian American Cultures

COMPLIT 241. Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity

CSRE 173S. Transcultural and Multiethnic Lives: Contexts, Controversies, and Challenges

CSRE 196C Introduction to Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (5)

CSRE 198. Internship for Public Service

CSRE 203A. The Changing Face of America: Civil Rights and Education Strategies for the 21st Century

DANCE 42. Dances of Latin America

DANCE 43. Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Peruvian Dance

DANCE 44. Jazz Dance I

DANCE 51. Congolese Dance

DANCE 58. Beginning Hip-Hop

DANCE 59. Intermediate-Advanced Hip Hop

DANCE 105. Contemporary Afro Styles and Dance Making: Technique, Rhythm, and Architecture

DANCE 106. Essence of Contemporary Dance Performance: African Styles on Stage

DANCE 144. Jazz Dance II

DANCE 145. Jazz Dance III

DRAMA 17N. Salt of the Earth: The Docudrama in America

DRAMA 110. Indentity, Diversity, and Aesthetics: The Institute for the Diversity in the Arts

DRAMA 155D. Performances of Race, Race-ing Performance

DRAMA 162. Contemporary Dramatic Voice of People of Color

DRAMA 163. Performance and America

DRAMA 168. African American Drama: Traditions and Revisions

DRAMA 169. Contemporary Dramatic Voices of Color

DRAMA 177. Playwriting

DRAMA 179F. Flor y Canto: Poetry Writing Workshop

DRAMA 179G. Indigenous Identity in Diaspora: People of Color Art Practice in North America

ECON 116. American Economic History

ECON 148. Urban Economics

EDUC 103B/337. Race, Ethnicity, and Linguistic Diversity In Classrooms: Sociocultural Theory and Practices

EDUC 110 Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools

EDUC 156A. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity

EDUC 177. Education of Immigrant Students

EDUC 193C. Peer Counseling: The African American Community

EDUC 201A. History of African American Education

EDUC 201B. Education for Liberation

EDUC210. History of Education in the United States

EDUC 245. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development

EDUC 336X. Language, Identity, and Classroom Learning

EDUC 345 Understanding Ethnic and Racial Diversity

ENGLISH 143. Introduction to African American Literature

ENGLISH 45/145. Writings by Women of Color

ENGLISH 55N. American Sports, American Lives

ENGLISH 69Q. Sources of Global Challenges Today, Possibilities for Global Solutions: A Literary Exploration

ENGLISH 146C. Hemingway, Hurston, Faulkner, and Fitzgerald

ENGLISH 172E. The Literature of the Americas

ENGLISH 172G. Great Works of the African American Literary Tradition

ENGLISH 172P. African American Poetry

ENGLISH 260G. Century's End: Race, Gender and Ethnicity at the Turn of the Century

ENGLISH 374. Writing Race and Nation: Mark Twain and Paul Lawrence Dunbar

FRENLIT 248. Literature, History, and Representation

FRENLIT 133. Literature and Society: Introduction to Francophone Literature from Africa and the Caribbean

FRENLIT 248. Literature, History, and Representation

HISTORY 52N. The Harlem Renaissance

HISTORY 59. Introduction to Asian American History

HISTORY 61. The Constitution and Race

HISTORY 64. Introduction to Race and Ethnicity in the American Experience

HISTORY 147G. African History in Novels and Film

HISTORY 150A. Colonial and Revolutionary America

HISTORY 150B. 19th-Century America

HISTORY 150C. The United States in the Twentieth Century

HISTORY 158. The United States Since 1945

HISTORY 162 Race and Ethnicity in 20th Century America

HISTORY 208S Facing the Past: The Politics of Retrospective Justice

HISTORY 243S. Human Origins: History, Evidence, and Controversy

HISTORY 260. California's Minority-Majority Cities

HISTORY 261. Race, Gender, and Class in Jim Crow America

HISTORY 299M. Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

HUMBIO 122S. Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, Health

IHUM 68A/68B. Performing Religion

MUSIC 18A. Jazz History: Ragtime to Bebop (1900-1940)

MUSIC 18B. Jazz History: Bebop to Present (1940-Present)

MUSIC 20A. Jazz Theory

MUSIC 20B. Advanced Jazz Theory

MUSIC 20C. Jazz Arranging and Composition

MUSIC 161B. Jazz Orchestra

PHIL 177. Philosophical Issues Concerning Race and Racism

POLISCI 125V Minority Representation and the Voting Rights Act

POLISCI 136. Philosophical Issues Concerning Race and Racism

POLISCI 141. The Global Politics of Human Rights

POLISCI 221. Tolerance and Democracy

POLISCI 221T. Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States

POLISCI 325S. Race and Place in American Politics

PSYCH 75. Cultural Psychology

PSYCH 180. Social Psychological Perspectives on Stereotyping and Prejudice

PSYCH 215. Mind, Culture, and Society

SOC 138. American Indians in Comparative Historical Perspective

SOC 139. American Indians in Contemporary Society

SOC 141A. Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, Health

SOC 143. Prejudice, Racism, and Social Change

SOC 144. Race and Crime in America

SOC 145. Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 147/247. Comparative Ethnic Conflict

SOC 149. The Urban Underclass

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