AAAS Course List

AAAS Majors must select 20 units from AAAS Core courses. Core courses include those focused primarily on Africa, African America, or the African Diaspora. Core and Related courses together help build a coherent emphasis.

The core for AAAS Majors consists of 20 units that can be selected from the following courses. One course must have a central focus on Africa; additional core courses also will help define and build a coherent emphasis.

AFRICAAM 16N African Americans and Social Movements (3 units)

AFRICAAM 21 African American Vernacular English (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 30 The Egyptians (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 31 Real Talk: Intimate Discussions about the African Diaspora (1 unit)

AFRICAAM 32 The 5th Element: Hip Hop Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Social Justice (1-5 units)

AFRICAAM 40SI Possessive Investment in Whiteness (1-2 units)

AFRICAAM 43 Introduction to African American Literature (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 47 History of South Africa (3 units)

AFRICAAM 48Q South Africa: Contested Transitions (3 units)

AFRICAAM 50B 19th Century America (3 units)

AFRICAAM 54N African American Women's Lives (3-4 units)

AFRICAAM 64C From Freedom to Freedom Now! African American History, 1865-1965 ( 3 units)

AFRICAAM 75 Black Cinema Lecture Series ( 1 unit)
AFRICAAM 101 African and African American Lecture Series (1-3 units)

AFRICAAM 105 Introduction to African and African American Studies (WIM) (5 units)

AFRICAAM 116 Education, Race, and Inequality in African American History, 1880-1990 (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 123 Great Works of the African American Tradition (5 units)
AFRICAAM 152G Harlem Renaissance (5 units)

AFRICAAM 156 Performing History: Race, Politics and Staging the Plays of August Wilson (4 units)

AFRICAAM 166 Introduction to African American History - the Modern Freedom Struggle (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 190 Directed Reading (1-5 units)

AFRICAAM 195 Independent Study (5 units)

AFRICAAM 199 Honors Project (1-5 units)

AFRICAAM 200X Honors Thesis and Senior Thesis Seminar (5 units)

AFRICAAM 200Y Honors Thesis and Senior Thesis Research (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 200Z Honors Thesis and Senior Thesis Research (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 245 Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 262D African American Poetics (5 units)

AFRICAST 72SI Conflict in the Congo (1-2 units)

AFRICAST 109 Running While Others Walk: African Perspectives on Development (3-5 units)

AFRICAST 111 Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Making in Africa (5 units)

AFRICAST 112 Aids, Literacy and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa (5 units)

AFRICAST 115 South African Encounters (1 unit)

AFRICAST 127 African Art and Politics c. 1900-Present (4 units)

AFRICAST 135 Designing Research Based Interventions to Solve Global Health Problems (3-4 units)

AFRICAST 139A Forgotten Africa: An Introduction to the Archaeology of Africa (5 units)

AFRICAST 141A Science, Technology and Medicine in Africa (4 units)

AFRICAST 142 Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development and Justice (3-5 units)

AFRICAST 151 Aids in Africa (3 units)

AFRICAST 190 Madagascar Pre-field Seminar ( 1-2 units)

AFRICAST 195 Back from Africa Workshop (1-2 units)

AFRICAST 199 Independent Study or Directed Reading ( 1-5 units)

AFRICAST 200 The HIV/Aids Epidemic in Tanzania: A Pre-Field Seminar (1 unit)

AFRICAST 224 Memory and Heritage in South Africa Syllabus (1 unit)

AFRICAST 235 Designing Research Based Interventions to Solve Global Health Problems (3-4 units)

AMSTUD 261E Mixed Race Literature in the U.S and South Africa (5 units)

AMSTUD 262C African American Literature and the Retreat of Jim Crow (5 units)

ARTHIST 178 Ethnicity and Dissent in United States Art and Literature (4 units)

COMPLIT 145B Ideas of Africa in Atlantic Writing (3-5 units)

HISTORY 145B Africa in the 20th Century (5 units)

LINGUIST 152 Sociolinguistics and Pidgin Creole Studies (2-4 units)

POLISCI 246P The Dynamics of Change in Africa (4-5 units)

SOC 149 The Urban Underclass



AFRICAAM 18A Jazz History: Ragtime to Bebop, 1900-1940 (3 units)

AFRICAAM 18B Jazz History: Bebop to Present, 1940-Present (3 units)

AFRICAAM 20A Jazz Theory (3 units)

AFRICAAM 45 Dance Improvisation Techniques and Strategies Lab: From Hip Hop to Contact (2 units)

AFRICAAM 102 Introduction to Public History and Public Service (4-5 units)

AFRICAAM 103 Dance, Text, Gesture: Performance and Composition (1 unit)

AFRICAAM 106 Race, Ethnicity and Linguistic Diversity in Classrooms: Sociocultural Theory and Practices (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 107C The Black Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and Antiquity (4-5 units)

AFRICAAM 112 Urban Education (3-4 units)

AFRICAAM 115 South African Encounters (1 unit)

AFRICAAM 121X Hip Hop, Youth Identities and the Politics of Language (3-4 units)

AFRICAAM 122E Art in the Streets: Identity in Murals, Site specific works and Interventions in Public Spaces (4 units)

AFRICAAM 125V The Voting Rights Act (5 units)

AFRICAAM 127A Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Arts (4 units)

AFRICAAM 130 Community based Research as tool for Social Change: Discourses of Equity in Communities & Classrooms (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 131 Genes and Identity (5 units)

AFRICAAM 133 Literature and Society in Africa and the Caribbean (4 units)

AFRICAAM 145A Poetics and Politics of Caribbean Women's Literature (5 units)

AFRICAAM 145B Africa in the 20th Century (5 units)

AFRICAAM 150B 19th Century America (5 units)

AFRICAAM 154 Black Feminist Theory (5 units)

AFRICAAM 233A Counseling Theories and Interventions from a Multicultural Perspective (3-5 units)

AFRICAAM 261E Mixed Race Literature in the U.S. and South Africa (5 units)

AMSTUD 15 Global Flows: The Globalization of Hip Hop Art, Culture and Politics (1-2 units)

AMSTUD 50N The Literature of Inequality: Have and Have-Nots from the Gilded Age to the Occupy Era (3 units)

AMSTUD 51Q Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity (4 units)

AMSTUD 101 American Fiction into Film: How Hollywood Scripts and Projects Black & White Relations (3-5 units)

AMSTUD 121L Racial Ethnic Politics in US (5 units)

AMSTUD 121Z Political Power in American Cities (5 units)

AMSTUD 178 Ethnicity and Dissent in the United States Art and Literature (4 units)

AMSTUD 201 History of Education in the United States (3-5 units)

AMSTUD 214 The American 1960s: Thought, Protest and Culture (5 units)

AMSTUD 226 Race and Racism in American Politics (5 units)

ANTHRO 1 Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology (5 units)

ANTHRO 27N Ethnicity and Violence: Anthropological Perspectives (3-5 units)

ANTHRO 32 Theories in Race and Ethnicity: A Comparative Perspective (5 units)

ANTHRO 90B Theory of Cultural and Social Anthropology (5 units)

ANTHRO 135H Conversations in CSRE: Case Studies in the Stanford Community (1-2 units)

ANTHRO 135I CSRE House Seminar: Race and Ethnicity at Stanford (1-2 units)

ANTHRO 138 Medical Ethics in a Global World: Examining Race, Difference and Power in the Research Enterprise (5 units)

ANTHRO 139 Ethnography of Africa (5 units)

ANTHRO 145 Race and Power (5 units)

ANTHRO 176 Cultures, Minds and Medicine (1 unit)

ANTHRO 185 Medical Anthropology of Contemporary Africa (5 units)

ANTHRO 187A The Anthropology of Race, Nature and Animality (5 units)

ANTHRO 241 The State in Africa (5 units)

ARTHIST 162 Race, Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Art (4 units)

COMPLIT 41Q Ethnicity and Literature (5 units)

CSRE 144 Transforming Self and Systems: Crossing Borders of Race, Nation, Gender, Sexuality and Class (5 units)

DANCE 30 Chocolate Heads Movement Band Performance Workshop (2 units)

DANCE 31 Chocolate Head-Space: Crowd-Sourced Performance Experience (2 units)

DANCE 60 The Evolution of Hip Hop and the Dance Stage: From Broadway to Hollywood and MTV (1 unit)

EDUC 12SC Hip Hop as a Universal Language (2 units)

EDUC 110 Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools (4 units)

EDUC 146X Perspectives on the Education of Linguistic Minorities (3-4 units)

EDUC 157X Education & Poverty: Research & Solutions (1 unit)

EDUC 165 History of Higher Education in the U.S. (3-5 units)

EDUC 193C Psychological Well Being on Campus: Perspectives of the Black Diaspora (1 unit)

EDUC 201 History of Education in the United States (3-5 units)

EDUC 232 Culture, Learning and Poverty (2-3 units)

EDUC 245 Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development (3-5 units)

EDUC 274X School Choice: The Role of Charter Schools (3 units)

ENGLISH 15SC The New Millennium Mix: Crossings of Race & Culture (2 units)

HISTORY 11W Service Learning Workshop on Issues of Education Equity (1 unit)

HISTORY 49C The Slave Trade (3 units)

HISTORY 50A Colonial and Revolutionary America (3 units)

HISTORY 50C The United States in the Twentieth Century (3 units)

HISTORY 64 Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Modern America (4-5 units)

HISTORY 74S Sounds of the Century: Popular Music and the United States in the 20th Century (5 units)

HISTORY 106A Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa (5 units)

HISTORY 167A Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Global Freedom Struggle (3-5 units)

HISTORY 260 California's Minority-Majority Cities (4-5 units)

HISTORY 299M Undergraduate Directed Research: Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute (1-4 units)

HUMBIO 121E Ethnicity and Medicine (1-3 units)

HUMBIO 122S Social, Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Health (4 units)

LINGUIST 156 Language and Gender (4 units)

LINGUIST 251 Sociolinguistic Field Methods (3-5 units)

LINGUIST 255B Sociolinguistics Classics and Community Studies (3-5 units)

LINGUIST 256 Language, Gender and Sexuality (1-4 units)

MUSIC 186A Music and Religious Experience in the Contemporary World (3-5 units)

POLISCI 11N The Rwandan Genocide (3 units)

POLSCI 28N The Changing Nature of Racial Identity in American Politics (3 units)

POLSCI 121L Racial-Ethnic Politics in U.S. (5 units)

PSYCH 29N Growing Up in America (3 units)

PSYCH 75 Introduction to Cultural Psychology (5 units)

PSYCH 183 Mind, Culture and Society Research Core (2-3 units)

PSYCH 215 Mind, Culture and Society (3 units)

PSYCH 217 Topics and Methods Related to Culture and Emotion (1-3 units)

SOC 14N Inequality in American Society (4 units)

SOC 15N The Transformation of Socialist Societies (3 units)

SOC 22N The Roots of Social Protest (3 units)

SOC 45Q Understanding Race and Ethnicity in American Society (4 units)

SOC 46N Race, Ethnic and National Identities: Imagined Communities (3 units)

SOC 118 Social Movements and Collective Action (4 units)

SOC 119 Understanding Large Scale Societal Change: The Case of the 1960s (5 units)

SOC 135 Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy in the United States (3 units)

SOC 140 Introduction to Social Stratification (3 units)

SOC 142 Sociology of Gender (5 units)

SOC 145 Race and Ethnic Relations in the USA (4 units)

SOC 148 Comparative Ethnic Conflict (4 units)

SOC 155 The Changing American Family (4 units)

SOC 170 Classics of Modern Social Theory (4 units)

TAPS 176S Finding Meaning in Life's Struggles: Narrative Ways of Healing (5 units)

URBANST 123 Approaching Research and the Community (2-3 units)




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