Fall 2009 Courses


Core Courses
• ENGLISH 143 Introduction to African American Literature Rampersad
• ENGLISH 152 Introduction to Caribbean Literature Rampersad
• ENGLISH 187H Lady Sings the Blues: Blues, Literature, and Black Feminism Heard
• HISTORY 54N. African American Women’s Lives Hobbs
• HISTORY 147 History of South Africa Campbell
• HISTORY 148C Africa in the 20th Century Roberts
• HISTORY 151A Slavery and Freedom in American History Campbell
• IHUM Beyond Survival Elam, M. and Elam, H.
• MUSIC 147 Soul Tradition in African American Music Kronengold

Cognate Courses
AMELANG 100A. Beginning Amharic Tesfamariam
AMELANG 102A. Advanced Amharic Tesfamariam
AMELANG 106A. Beginning Swahili Mohochi
AMELANG 107A. Intermediate Swahili Mohochi
AMELANG 108A. Advanced Swahili Mohochi
CSRE 198. Internship for Public Service Mitchell

Core Courses
•AFRICAAM 40SI: Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology): The Color of Ecoliteracy
•AFRICAAM 105R: Race, Faith, and Migration Huges
•AFRICAAM 164: From Freedom to Freedom Now!: African American History, 1865-1965 (HISTORY 64C) Hobbs
•AFRICAST 112/212. AIDS, Literacy, and Land: International Aid and the Problems of Development in Africa Samoff
•CSRE 145A Poetics and Politics of Caribbean Women's Literature Duffey
•HISTORY 48N. African History through Literature and Film Hanretta
•HISTORY 48Q. South Africa: Contested Transitions Samoff
•HISTORY 164C From Freedom to Freedom Now: African American History, 1865-1965 Hobbs
•RELIGST 105 Race, Faith, and Migration Hughes

Cognate Courses
AMELANG 100B. Beginning Amharic Tesfamariam
AMELANG 102B. Advanced Amharic Tesfamariam
AMELANG 106B. Beginning Swahili Mohochi
AMELANG 107B. Intermediate Swahili Mohochi
AMELANG 108B. Advanced Swahili Mohochi
AMSTUD American Fiction into Film: How Hollywood Scripts and Projects Black and White Relations Mesa
CSRE 198. Internship for Public Service Mitchell
EDUC 110 Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of SchoolsCarter
EDUC 245. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development LaFromboise


Core Courses
• AFRICAAM 152/ENGLISH 152D Du Bois & American Culture Elam
• AFRICAST 111/211. Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Making in Africa Samoff
• ENGLISH 187T “Funny Negro:” Literature and Culture of the Black Comic Absurd Heard
• ENGLISH 260 Frederick Douglass Ruttenburg
• ENGLISH 362B Black to the Future: The End(s) of African American Literary Theory Elam
• EDUC 216X. Education, Race, and Inequality in African American History, 1880-1990 Gordon
• HISTORY 145C Africa in an Age of Empire Hanretta
• HISTORY 166. Intro to African American History: Modern Freedom Struggle Carson
• HISTORY 248/348. Islam in Africa Hanretta
•HISTORY 255D. Racial Identity in the American Imagination Hobbs
• RELIGST 60. Nation, Diaspora & the Gods of African America Hughes

Cognate Courses
ENGLISH 45/145 Another Way to Be: Writings by Women of Color Moya
CSRE 196C/ENGLISH 172D Intro to CSRE Moya
HISTORY 162 Race and Ethnicity in 20th Century America Camarillo

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