Asian American

Asian American studies features a wide range of classes for majors, minors, and those simply interested in learning something new. Offered in many different departments, AAS classes cover a wide range of subjects, eras, and methods for studying the Asian American experience. AAS-Affiliated faculty courses are also listed, as well as the core classes for the CSRE department which must be taken by all majors and minors. For more information on the Asian American Major or Minor visit the Program page.

Autumn 2016-2017 Courses


ASNAMST 186B: Asian American Art: 1850-Present (ARTHIST 186B)
In 1968, the Asian American Political Alliance began a successful campaign to jettison the designation "oriental" in favor of "Asian American." Given the term's recent genesis, what do we refer to when we discuss "Asian American art," and how can we speak of its history? This lecture class will explore these questions by considering artists, craftsmen, and laborers of Asian descent in the United States, beginning with Chinese immigration to California in the mid-nineteenth century, and extending through our current moment of globalization. We will consider their work alongside art and visual culture of the United States that engages "Asia" as a place, idea, or fantasy. Special attention will be paid to the crucial role Asia and Asian Americans played in movements including photography in San Francisco, Abstract Expressionism, Beat Culture, performance art, and New Queer Cinema. Artists include Chiura Obata, Isamu Noguchi, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Manuel Ocampo, Zarina, and Wu Tsang, among many others.
Tue, Thu 12:00 PM - 1:20 PM at 540-108 with Kwon, M., 4 units