Asian American

As diverse as the Asian American Studies major itself, AAS professors come from a wide range of deparments, and have expertise in a variety of fields. Click on the professor's picture or name to learn more about their research interests and publications.

anthony lising antonio
Associate Professor of Education
Office:234 CERAS
antonio's research investigates the impact that increasing racial and cultural diversity is having on higher education and he is specifically interested in socialization in multicultural environments and the role that campus diversity plays in the civic development of students.
Gordon H. Chang
Professor of History
Office: 200-209
Chang specializes in the historical experience of Asians in America, including social, political, and cultural histories.

Pamela Lee
Professor of Art & Art History
Office: 117 Cummings Art Bldg

Lee's research focuses on Modern and contemporary art and theory and criticism.
Kathryn Gin Lum
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Office: 70-72j2
Gin Lum studies religious history, particularly the intersections of religion with race and war, and conceptions of evil and death.
Jean Ma
Associate Professor of Art and Art History
Office: 111 cummings Art Bldg
Ma specializes in studying Chinese cinema; historiography and media; and gender and sexuality.

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
Lecturer in Asian American Studies
Office: 360-361D

Murphy-Shigematsu's psychological research has focused on transnational perspectives of multicultural identity and human development. He teaches transdisciplinary courses in the new LifeWorks program, and is an author, consultant, and president of the NPO Nichibei Care.
David Palumbo-Liu
Professor of Comparative Literature
Office: 260-229
Palumbo-Liu's fields of interest include social and cultural criticism, literary theory and criticism, East Asian and Asia Pacific American studies. Palumbo-Liu was recruited to Stanford to help establish Asian American Studies, and was one of the founding faculty members of CSRE.
Stephen Sano
Professor of Music
Office: Braun Music Center, room 120
Sano's interests include Hawaiian choral music, the music of Queen Lili'uokalani, ki ho'alu (Hawaiian slack key guitar) and North American Taiko (Japanese American drumming).
Stephen Sohn
Assistant Professor of English
Office: 460-422
Sohn, the newest Asian American Studies professor, studies Asian American literature. He also co-chairs The Circle for Asian American Literary Studies (CAALS), a literature society affiliated with the American Literature Association.
Jeanne L. Tsai
Director of AAS and Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: 420-171
Tsai's research examines how cultural ideas and practices shape the emotions that people actually feel, emotions that people want to feel, and the implications these processes have for mental health and well-being across the life span.
Linda Uyechi
Lecturer of Music
Uyechi has research interests in taiko, language in the Asian American community, and signed languages. Her current focus is on the history and development of taiko in North America.
Barbara Voss
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Office: Bldg 50
Voss is a historical archaeologist whose research investigates the dynamics and outcomes of transnational cultural encounters in colonial and early industrial North America.
Christine Min Wotipka
Associate Professor (Teaching) of Education
Office: School of Education, 315
Wotipka’s research interests include women and science, international human rights, globalization, and higher education. Her current projects examine female faculty and early education programs cross-nationally.
Sylvia Yanagisako
Professor of Anthropology
Office: 40-41D
Yanagisako is currently conducting an ethnographic study of transnational capitalism among Italian and Chinese textile and garment manufacturers in the Shanghai area of China and Italy. She was the Chair of CASA from 1998-2001.