Topic Guidelines

The Stanford Journal of Asian American Studies seeks papers from a wide range of perspectives and covering a breadth of topics. Examples of topics include Asian Americans in drama, literature, and film; Asian American issues; and Asian American history. Papers should represent a substantial amount of work, such as a term paper or research paper resulting as the cumulative work of a course.

Spring 2010: Call for Submission

Deadline: April 23, 2010

Special One-Time Literary Issue
We are seeking high-quality creative writing with Asian-American content or themes from Stanford members past and present. The issue will be published online and professionally printed and bound at the end of Spring Quarter.

Submission Guidelines
Email your submission to with “Submission” and the genre of your work in the subject line (e.g. “Submission: Fiction”). In the text of the email include a 2-3 line biography in the third person (“John Johnson, class of ’10, is an English major concentrating in Fiction. He has been published in such and such a place. He likes purple couches.”) and the title(s) of your pieces.

Attach your submission in .doc or .rtf. Do not include your name on any page of your attachment.

Poetry: 1-3 poems single-spaced
Prose (fiction or creative non-fiction): max 10 pages double-spaced
Critical prose: max 12 pages double-spaced; must center on Asian-American literature
Excerpts from plays, novels, etc: max 15 pages double-spaced, must stand as a self-contained piece
Art: accepting black-and-white or full-color cover art, 5.25 x 8; send as high-resolution .jpg or .png