The Stanford Journal of Asian American Studies (SJAAS) is an online journal featuring excellence in the field of Asian American Studies. Papers may be submitted by undergraduate or graduate students of any year or major. In addition to original research papers, we will consider essays, short fiction, poems, or visual art.

SJAAS is published by Asian American Studies at Stanford University and is edited by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu. He can be reached at smshige@stanford.edu.

Current Issue:

Executive Editor and Faculty Advisor: Professor Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
Chief Editors: Mark Flores, Debra Pacio
Senior Editors: Surabhi Balachander, Mirae Lee
Editors: Leow Hui Min Annabeth, Juliana Chang, Hannah Nguyen, Nikki Tran, Hope G. Yi
Cover Art: Maia Paroginog
Layout & Design: Surabhi Balachander

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