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It's official. CREEES professor and MA alumnus Michael McFaul confirmed as next U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Read more>
Listen to the podcast of our roundtable discussion on the future (or is it the end?) of democracy in Hungary. Read more>
Prof. Norman Naimark is the winner of the 2011 Award for Distinguished Contributions from the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies.
CREEES affiliate and MA alum Michael McFaul nominated as next ambassador to Russia. Read more>
Introducing the 2011-12 CREEES International Film Series, thanks to a generous grant from the Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts.
Read more>
Assistant Prof. Edith Sheffer's new book investigates the role of regular citizens in constructing the border between East and West Germany.
Read more>
Professor Robert Crews writes of the tragedy in Mazar-i Sharif and how it reflects underlying and mounting grievances in Afghanistan. Read more>
Hoover fellow Bertrand Patenaude's research forms the basis of a new PBS documentary on the U.S. relief effort during 1921-23 Soviet famine Read more>
Stanford's Grant Miller and Jay Bhattacharya tie upsurge in alcohol related deaths in Russia to the end of an aggressive anti-alcohol campaign. Read more>
Professor Gabriella Safran's Wandering Soul: The Dybbuk's Creator, S. An-sky, published November, 2010. Read more>
Panel discussion on replicating Silicon Valley in Russia, August 2010 Read more>
Welcome to the CREEES Masters students, Class of 2011 Read more>
Nine CREEES MA students to graduate on June 13, 2010 Read more>
Stanford History Professors James Sheehan and Amir Eshel reflect on the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall on the 20th anniversary. Read more>
CREEES and the Forum of Contemporary Europe jointly sponsored the international workshop "Between Moscow and Brussels: Emerging States, East or West?" that brought analysts and policy makers from the region to Stanford on November 5 and 6, 2009. Click here for the workshop agenda>
Timothy Garton Ash, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, publishes key review essay on 1989. Read more>
Zhanara Nauruzbayeva, graduate student coordinator of the CREEES Eurasian Studies Working group, launched a website documenting a collaborative art project in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Click here>
David Holloway, a CREEES Steering Committee member, the Raymond A. Spruance Professor of International History, Professor of Political Science, and Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute, discussed President Obama's missile defense plan with Stanford News Service on Sept. 17, 2009. Read more>
Former CREEES Director John Dunlop was interviewed by Deutsche Welle on the Beslan massacre for a Sept. 2 online article. Read more>
CREEES MA alumnus Ivan Lupis '02 profiled on Aug. 19 for his humanitarian work in the United Nations. Read more>
Stanford alumni Thomas Burns '02 and Michael Seely '05, both graduates of the M.A. program in Documentary Film & Video, have received Fulbright Scholarships for art projects in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Burns will explore social transformation through photography in the South Caucasus, and Seely will investigate the Polish documentary film tradition. Read more>
CREEES MA student, Andrew Roth, publishes the news story "Russia Seeks to Improve the Safety of Its Roads" in the Aug. 8th issue of the New York Times. Read more>
Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski awarded Hoover Research Fellow Robert Conquest the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit on behalf of the Republic of Poland at a Hoover Institution ceremony on Aug. 6, 2009. Conquest is the author of twenty-one books on Soviet and Central European history, politics, and international affairs, including the classic The Great Terror—which has been translated into twenty languages—and the acclaimed Harvest of Sorrow (1986). Read more>
CREEES summer grant recipient Bruce O'Neill (Anthropology), conducting pre-dissertation research on homelessness in post-communist Bucharest was interviewed for an article in Germany's Der Spiegel on-line, on urban planning practices in Ceausescu's Romania. Read more>
CREEES Steering Committee member Kathryn Stoner-Weiss commented on NPR's The World on key issues as U.S. President Barack Obama meets in Moscow with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as part of a broad U.S. effort to re-set U.S. Russian relations. Stoner-Weiss is the Deputy Director of the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. Read more>
CREEES MA alum Louis F. O'Neill '90, speaks out on Moldova Crisis on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Read more>
O'Neill served as Ambassador and Head of Mission of the Organization for Security and Co-operation In Europe's Mission in Moldova from 2006-2008.
Congratulations to Robert Crews, Assistant Professor of History, who was named a 2009 Carnegie Scholars on April 14, 2009. Professor Crews, author of For Prophet and Tsar: Islam and Empire in Russia and Central Asia (Harvard, 2006) and co-editor of The Taliban and the Crisis of Afghanistan (Harvard, 2008), will pursue the research project "Muslims Without Borders?: Empires, States and Transnational Communities."
For The New York Times announcement click here>
For the Stanford Daily article click here>
Elif Batuman, teaching affiliate in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, published the article "The Bells, How Harvard Helped Preserve a Russian Legacy" in the April 27, 2009 issue of The New Yorker. For an interview with Batuman about the bells Click here>.
In 2007 Batuman received a PhD from Stanford in Comparative Literature and was awarded the Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers' Award.
Stanford University Libraries have recently acquired from Tartu, Estonia the archive of Prof. Leonid Stolovich. Stolovich is a retired professor of philosophy at Tartu University. He was one of the foremost Soviet scholars in the field of aesthetics. Read more>
Stanford political science Professor Michael McFaul has been tapped by President Barack Obama to serve as special assistant to the president for National Security Affairs and senior director for Russian and Eurasian affairs at the National Security Council. Read more>
Joseph Frank, Professor Emeritus of Slavic Languages and Literatures, published "In Stalin's Trap" in the Feb. 26, 2009 issue of The New York Review of Books. Frank's article offers a review of historian Orlando Figures' latest book, The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia in Stalin's Russia. Read more>
The honorable Adrian Vierita, Romanian Ambassador to the US, visited the Stanford campus on November 14, 2008 on a CREEES-sponsored visit. He delivered the talk "Security and Energy in the Black Sea Region - a Romanian Perspective." Read more >
The Hoover Archives received an NEH grant for processing and microfilming the collections of the Holy Trinity Seminary Archive. Vladimir von Tsurikov, Director of the Jordanville Archives, will serve as Project Archivist at Hoover through the end of 2008. He will speak on the archival holding at a CREEES seminar on Oct. 23 at noon in Encina W 208. Read more >
The US Department of Education awarded a grant in September 2008 to the International and Comparative Education Program at the Stanford School of Education. The grant will facilitate collaborative projects of collaboration with the State University Higher School of Economics (SUHSE) in Moscow. Read more >
A Mammoth Undertaking: For the article on how extinct species buried in Siberia threaten global climate by Adam Wolff (PhD candidate in Biology, Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology, Stanford University) in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue of Stanford Magazine. Click here >
Congressional testimony on the future of US-Russian Relations. Michael McFaul, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, testified before the US Congress on Sept. 9, 2008. Click here for the transcript.
Solzhenitsyn remembered. Read Robert Conquest’s article “Patriot, Poet and Prophet” in the September 2008 issue of Click here >
Stanford scholars discuss Georgian crisis at CREEES roundtable on Aug. 14, 2008. Read more >
The Stanford Initiative for Creativity and the Arts (SiCa) awarded a Major Grant to the CREEES "Sounds of Eurasia" Performance Series for 2008-09. Izaly Zemtsovsky (music, Slavic) and Alma Kunanbaeva (anthropology) will bring leading exponents of Eurasian musical traditions to the Stanford campus in 2008-09. Read more >
George Wyhinny '08 was awarded the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and the Creative Arts for writing and starring in the one-man show "Secrets of the Forest" about life in Ukraine in the 1930s and 1940s. Read more >
  Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Stanford/Berkeley Conference on Russia, East European & Eurasian Studies can be viewed on FORA.TV, a public affairs web portal partnered with CSPAN. The conference "Political Succession in Russia" featured distinguished scholars from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and other Bay Area institutions and was held on March 7, 2008 in the Hoover Institution. Click here to view: Panel 1, part 1 | Panel 1, part 2 | Panel 2 | Panel 3
The CREEES co-sponsored conference "Utopia's Coasts: Stoppard in New York and Moscow" (May 22-23, 2008, Stanford Humanities Center) featured directors of the New York and Moscow productions of Tom Stoppard's three-part dramatization of nineteenth-century intellectual life: The Coast of Utopia: Voyage, Shipwreck, Salvage. Read more >