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Current MinT Events

2011/12 Academic Year

Teaching Mentor Workshop Part I (Thursday, September 29, 8:30am-12pm in Physics/Astrophysics Room 102/103)

MinT Workshop Participants

This half-day program allows Teaching Mentors to discuss the characteristics of a successful mentor-mentee relationship, understand the learning stages and needs of their TAs, and formulate their role within the department and their goals for the year. How to give feedback to mentees about their teaching is an important consideration, and the workshop includes opportunities to practice mentor/mentee interactions.

Teaching Mentor Workshop Part II (Friday, September 30, 8:30am-12pm in Physics/Astrophysics Room 102/103)

The second training day covers more specific "how-to" skills that Teaching Mentors may need during the year. This highly interactive workshop includes an introduction to and practice with classroom observations, presents options for running practice teaching sessions for TAs, and gives an overview of different classroom assessment techniques, including a number of mid-quarter feedback options that CTL has used successfully over the years. The topic of giving feedback to mentees again receives significant attention. Last year's Teaching Mentors found this aspect of the training to be among the most valuable; we therefore provide plenty of opportunities to practice the relevant skills during both workshops.

MinT Luncheons

“I learned a lot through the discussions about what other departments are doing.”

2008/09 MinT Participant

In addition to the workshops, the MinT program organizes luncheons near the beginning and end of each quarter, bringing all Teaching Mentors together again to exchange ideas and get help with any challenges that may have come up.

Fall quarter luncheon

Thursday, November 10, 12:00-1:00pm. Location to be determined.

Winter Quarter Luncheon


More information on the above MinT activities is available on the Training and Support page.