About MinT

Level of Participation: Teaching Mentors and MinT Fellows

MinT Workshop Presentation

MinT events are open to any graduate student or postdoctoral fellow who is looking for more professional development in these areas. These individuals may or may not have a formally acknowledged role within their department, yet are welcome to be active participants in MinT.

Many departments, however, have a more formalized Teaching Mentor role, filled by experienced graduate students who have been selected by their department (usually by the TA Training Director or Coordinator). To Teaching Mentors with such a formal departmental role, we offer the opportunity to be designated a MinT Fellow.

A MinT Fellow will

Beyond the contributions that MinT Fellows make to their respective departments, the time commitment for participation in the program is small (approx. 15 hours over the academic year), and all MinT tasks and activities will be completed within the workshops and follow-up meetings.

How do I become a Teaching Mentor or MinT Fellow?

If you or your department would like to establish a Teaching Mentor position, please contact the MinT Coordinator. We are happy to provide examples of how other departments have implemented these positions and discuss how this program may best work for you.

If, in addition, you are interested in becoming a MinT Fellow, we ask that you attend all future MinT events, and we will discuss ways for you to get up to speed on the topics covered in the Fall workshops.