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Sontag (for Thursday)--Part 2 and some suggestions

Hi --Attached, as promised, is the Sontag overview.  I've sent a lot, I know, so let me add some suggestions:

This Sontag handout has chrono and biblio; however, for our discussion the pivotal points are the concluding questions about "Pilgrimage" and "Sontag, the Intellectual, the Exile."

For Thursday (7/30): Gidget & Sontag (Part 1)

Hi, all --

For Thursday's (our last) discussion we have three fascinating perspectives.  Susanne is handling Arendt.

Brantl: Current Research (Thursday Reports 7/9)

Hi, all (or y’all as a good Texas—I’m not—would say):

Thursday I will be sharing my current research with you.   It’s on socially  activist exiled (émigré) photographers and their negotations of American channels for exposure.  It’s starting point is the work of Hansel Mieth (Hagel) and Otto Hagel.  A critical phase for these Germans was their employment by Henry Luce’s publications, particularly, Life magazine.

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