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LBI exhibition of interest

Hello friends,

For those of you who will be in NYC before mid-October, this exhibition on "Publishing in Exile: German-Language Literature in the U.S. in the 1940s" at the LBI looks interesting:



lit suggestions for some project presentations

Here are some lit suggestions based on last week's project presentations....I better get them off my chest before I leave:

For Jessica:

Mari Jo Buhle, "Feminism and Its Discontents: A Century of Struggle with Psychoanalysis." 

Hannah Arendt links

Dear All,
Since we can't cover it all today....FYI, here are two links for some basic info on Arendt; the first is an overview of her life and work in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (even though she had been trained in philosophy, she vehemently rejected the label 'philosopher'; she understood and defined herself as a political theorist), and the second a brief LOC biographical sketch:

Hannah Arendt questions

Dear All,

Attached are Hannah Arendt questions for Thursday's discussion.



alien fiancees act and marlene dietrich

Dear All,

Here is a link to the 1946 "Alien Fiancees/Fiances Act" I referred to in last week's film class (you can also read the full text via the PDF link):

misc. literature recommendations

Dear All,

Here are some titles that I thought of during the last meetings. So before I forget them all (which I sure will), here they are: 

- Lynching and Photography: 

Dora Apel and Shawn Michelle Smith: “Lynching Photographs”


Adorno, LA, radio, and...The Carpenters

OK, what about this one (this is why I love American Studies): 

Eric Lott, "Perfect is Dead: Karen Carpenter, Theodor Adorno,and the Radio; or, If Hooks Could Kill” (in: Criticism, Volume 50, Number 2, Spring 2008, pp. 219-234)



david's project (visual thinking in global modernity)

Hi David,

Here are some texts that came to mind, all from the visual culture studies field. I have the feeling you are familiar with the Mitchell article, but in any case, here we go...

Lisa Parks, “Satellite and Cyber Visualities: Analyzing‘digital earth’” (in Nicholas Mirzoeff’s Visual Culture Reader)

"akte exil"

FYI: Here is the link to an interesting German-language publication ("akte exil"), edited by Hermann Haarmann, who teaches "Exilpublizistik" at FU Berlin's Communications Department--I studied with him (a long time ago), and really like his work.

He also posts his some of his syllabi, including a literature list on "Faschismustheorie" (this one is for you, Jenny!): 



helga's project

Hello All,

This is a link in response to Helga's fantastic research topic; just came to my mind as I was reading Helga's mail. It's not exactly dealing with the same questions, but related, I think, and useful nevertheless--and quite an impressive website. It's part of a new research project by Maria Hoehn at Vassar, in collaboration with the GHI; she has worked at the intersection of American and German Studies:

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