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Dear all, As we seem to fly through our discussions, I keep forgetting to ask everyone who has mentioned a special "source" (a book, an author, an article, a film) that they have found relevant to the discussion and/or their research, to please post these sources to the blog.

Ideas for 3 Penny and Brecht

Dear All: Please bring your play text to class. 

Background: If anyone has done research on the Weimar Republic and knows more specifics on how the Weimar authorities, system, etc. are reflected in our play, please feel free to share your knowledge. 


What is epic theatre?

For Monday's 3 penny opera: I am sending a strange pdf . This is the article in Illuminations by Benjamin. I will try to attach it here. My husband made the pdf for me at his office, so he did it one page at a time...and it is slightly out of focus. Sigh. so much for beggar's operatics.

Wanted: three penny opera "volunteers"

Dear Group, I would like to ask a few of you to volunteer for a live reading of a tiny section of The Three Penny Opera on Monday. If I could meet with you for a minute during our soiree on Thursday after seminar that would be great! I also would suggest if you have any extra time: to look at the chapter in our Benjamin book, "What is Epic theatre?" or catch some Beijing opera on youtube. best katherine
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