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Professor Castiñeira is currently the Director of the Chair in Leaderships and Democratic Governance at ESADE-Ramon Llull University as well as the Director of the Department of Social Sciences at ESADE-Ramon Llull University. His areas of interest are: social and political philosophy (theories of justice and the Welfare State, multiculturalism, nationalism, and contemporary political ideologies), geopolitical thinking, organizational ethics, corporate social responsibility and values, changes to the social and cultural environment, and leadership and democratic governance. In 2009 he published three books:

  • Les fonts del lideratge social [The Sources of Social Leadership], 2009.
  • Immigration and Self-governments of Minority Nations, 2009. Co-author.
  • Valors útils per a la Catalunya del future [Practical Values for the Future of Catalonia], 2009. Co-author. 


  • PhD: Philosophy and Education Sciences, University of Barcelona
  • BA: Philosophy and Education Sciences, University of Barcelona
  • Graduate in Business Administration, ESADE

Jean-Pierre Dupuy


111 Pigott Hall
650 723 4713

Professor Jean-Pierre Dupuy is a Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at the École Polytechnique, Paris. He is the Director of research at the C.N.R.S. (Philosophy) and the Director of C.R.E.A. (Centre de Recherche en Épistémologie Appliquée), the philosophical research group of the École Polytechnique, which he founded in 1982. At Stanford University, he is a researcher at the Study of Language and Information (C.S.L.I.) Professor Dupuy is by courtesy a Professor of Political Science.

In his book The Mechanization of the Mind, Jean-Pierre Dupuy explains how the founders of cybernetics laid the foundations not only for cognitive science, but also artificial intelligence, and foreshadowed the development of chaos theory, complexity theory, and other scientific and philosophical breakthroughs.


1964-1966: Ecole des Mines de Paris
1960-1962: Ecole Polytechnique
Admitted to le Corps des Mines
July 1960: Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm-sciences)

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