the Soviet 'Orient'

Nariman Skakov

portrait: Nariman Skakov

Building 240, Room 107
Phone: 650 724 3073

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On leave till January 2015
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Philosophy and Literature

Nariman Skakov’s trajectory from a peaceful dweller of the wide and wild steppes of Central Asia to an overworked West-Coast academic included an intermediary stop in the UK, where he studied literary theory and cinema. He has a strong interest in Andrei Platonov, the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky and Rustam Khamdamov, literary theory (Bakhtin and Shklovsky in particular), Moscow conceptualism (Ilya Kabakov, Vladimir Sorokin and Dmitri Aleksandrovich Prigov), intersections between the textual and the visual, and the Soviet 'Orient'. His first monograph (The Cinema of Tarkovsky: Labyrinths of Space and Time) was published by I.B. Tauris in January, 2012.


D.Phil., Medieval and Modern Languages, University College, Oxford University, 2009.
M.Phil., European Literature, University College, Oxford University, 2006.
Certificate in Philosophy (Visiting student), Wadham College, Oxford University, 2004.

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